As a feminist researcher, I have studied, from ethnographic perspectives, knowledge dialogues and knowledge-making practices related to techno-scientific knowledge and popular knowledge. In this work, I focused on giving account of feminized processes and practices around knowledge production. Since 2014, my research has explored handmade textile practices as technologies of knowing and caring. As a researcher, I also participate in transdisciplinary projects that place textile making, art, science and technology in dialogue with one another. These are for me spaces of exploration and permanent listening. Here are links about my latest studies:

Research – 2023-2025

Unfinished things …

We explore half-made textile pieces in everyday contexts, asking what these practices are saying about the experience of time and loss in contemporary capitalism.

Research – 2022-2025

Textile activism during pandemic times

In this research we ask ourselves about the forms of social mobilisation of a textile nature that took place during the 2020-2022 period in Colombia.

Research – 2020-2022

Embroidering bodies that listen

An approach to embroidery as a vessel for listening in transitional justice processes.

Proyecto transdisciplinar – 2020-2021

Digital repertoires of textile projects and practices

Un proceso de codiseño en torno a los haceres textiles, la memoria y las tecnologías afectivas

Research – 2020-2021

Traces, crafts and territories

A transdisciplinary approach to the landscape of San José del Guaviare, from the palm, basketry and rupestrian paintings. This project is lead by the Colombian artist Rosario López.

Research – 2018-2020

Mending the New

An approach to how textile making has allowed for the reinvention of life in the midst of the armed conflict.

Research – 2018

When textile making documents

An inquiry into how everyday textiles tell stories

Research – 2016

Traveling Sewing Box

A museum exhibition and pedagogical tool to answer the question of why and how we embroider/weave memory.

Research – 2016

Experimental Sewing Circle

A space for co-creation, encounter, speculation and material exploration between textiles and digital devices

Investigación – 2014-2016

Embroidering self-knowledge

Una búsqueda por aprender a bordar y acompañar procesos de diseños de tecnologías digitales